How to Blog (when there's nothing to blog!)

I had an advising call with Praxis' CTO, Chuck Grimmett, about the month of daily blogging that I'm doing.

I expressed that I had been doing pretty well for the past 5 days, but that I had trouble coming up with things to write about.

Chuck and I discussed inspiration, how to come up with blog posts.


1. Harness Your Ideas Immediately 

I find that throughout the day I have lots of blog post ideas, but I can't access my laptop immediately because I'm at work, I'm driving, etc. I especially have ideas flooding through my brain when I'm falling asleep.

It's important to take action on those ideas ASAP, otherwise, they remain ideas and it's harder to develop or even remember those ideas later.

Write your ideas down immediately. Include 3 bullet points. If you don't want to write, type. If you can't type it, use voice to text. There's always a way to harness your ideas.


2. Use Your Everyday Experiences

Everyday experiences can be written about. There are some days that I only go to work, then come home, eat, and work on projects.

Did I learn anything new today? Chuck talked to me about the banana plant he has growing in his apartment. I could write "5 Fun Facts About Banana Plants."

I made dinner, what did I make for dinner? I can write an instructional blog post about how to make burrito bowls, or rice and vegetables, or homemade pizza.

I spent time with my boyfriend who is a car salesman. I can ask him what 3 things he's done to leverage his sales and write a blog post entitled "3 Tips to Boost Your (Car) Sales." 

Point being, there's something you can write about every day! Just dig a little deeper and use your creativity.


3. Use Photographs

Do you ever take photos of things you find interesting, or take photographs of things you want to remember? Write about it! 

Scrolling through my camera roll I easily found 3 topics to write about

  1. I went to the Andy Warhol Museam in Pittsburgh recently.
    • "5 Fun Facts About Andy Warhol's Art"
      • Include photos!
  2. My local Converse store participated in Cancer Awareness Weekend by making lavender pins, wearing them on our shirts, and handing them out to customers.
    • "We Participated in Cancer Awareness and this is What Happened"
      • Include photos and customer stories!
  3. I saved images of Pixel Art, which was a form of art I've never heard of before
    • "3 of the Best Pixel Art Artists"
      • Include photos of their work!


A Little Added Inspiration from How to Show Your Work by Austin Kleon:

  1. Open your cabinet of curiosity. Use your creativity and imagination to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.
  2. Tell good stories. Some of the best writers and speakers are storytellers.
  3. Teach what you know. There's always someone out there that you can inform. You may not be the most experienced, but you have experience, whereas others may not.
Lydia Weibel