What You Love is Your Brand

We all have things that we love, things that we surround ourselves with. These things are, consequently, the things that help define us.

In one of my most recent blog posts, I covered Kat Von D Beauty's Brand. What I love about her makeup business' branding is that it's so her. 


Her visual branding consists of a lot of black, studs, bright pops of color, stars, roses, and big gothic letters.


She recently went vegan, so she turned all of her products vegan & cruelty-free as well. This is the artwork she came up with to stamp her products with.


She is a well-known tattoo artist and has been drawing for decades, so she incorporates hand drawn artwork into her physical product designs.


She has taken who she is and what she loves and turned it into a powerful brand. 

What do you love? What interests you? What do you believe in and promote? The answers to those questions gives you the answer to what your brand is.