How to Land a Job by Talking

I have a friend who landed a job by controlling a conversation. 

When Abbey was being interviewed for a job in media, the interviewers were asking her pointed questions about her prior job experience in media... she had none. What landed her the job was when she shifted the conversation to the subject of how her experience in communications is perfect for a media job. By end of interview, the interviewers were convinced that she was qualified - all because she was able to control the conversation through communication.

She and her fiancée, Steve, run a communications business called Lyceum Communications. (

Steve expanded on the concept of controlling people through communication. He pointed out that understanding communication and how someone thinks is powerful. When you understand that then you'll have the capability to have more control over people.

This isn't necessarily dastardly, while it definitely could be, Steve followed up the previous idea by saying that knowing when is vital. You should not manipulate with devious intentions, but there are times when you can guide a conversation (aka control) to achieve a productive result.

All of this ties into a post I wrote a little while ago about car sales. Sales incorporates a lot of communication, and when you can master the art of communication, you'll see some awesome results.


Lydia Weibel