How Physical Activity Positively Affects You

I think it's pretty much common knowledge that exercising is good, but why is it good for you?

Exercise Improves Mood

Physical activity stimulates the brain chemicals that'll leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. You'll even see an increase in your self-esteem when you exercise regularly!

One study asked 26 healthy men and women who normally exercised to either continue exercising or stop exercising for two weeks. Those who stopped exercising experienced increases in negative moods.

Exercise Boosts Energy

Regular physical activity will improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance.

Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lung health improve, you'll have more energy to tackle daily chores.

One study found that six weeks of regular exercise reduced feelings of fatigue for 36 healthy people who had reported persistent fatigue.

It Can Help Your Brain Health and Memory

Exercise can improve brain function in addition to protecting memory and thinking skills.

Physical activity increases your heart rate, which promotes the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain. It also stimulates the production of hormones that enhance the growth of brain cells.

Exercise has also been shown to cause the hippocampus, a part of the brain that's vital for memory and learning, to grow in size.

I've committed to a month of exercising for 30 minutes a day during March and I'm excited to see where it takes me!

Lydia Weibel