Whales with Tales (without Tails)

I listened to a podcast today where Joe Rogan interviewed Phil Demers.

Phil Demers used to work at Marineland. He quit because of the unethical and downright disgusting treatment of the animals.

Phil talked to Joe about many cases of animal cruelty. Walruses, deer, whales, etc. He told Joe that the killer whales are on Valium. He described their toxic living conditions and the procedures that Marineland takes part in that are dangerous to the animals, so dangerous that whales have had chunks of their tail fall off until there's no more tail... just a little stub.

Marineland has relentlessly been suing the people who have exposed them for their unethical practices. Thankfully the people in Phil's hometown are aware of how gross Marineland is, but Marineland still acquires some tourist visitors.

Places like Marineland and SeaWorld have no genuine care for the animals in their care; they're only interested in making a profit off of these creatures.

It just never fails to shock me to see what people will do when they're given power and money. The Stanford Prison Experiment is a perfect example of that.

Lydia Weibel