How to Sell 100 Cars

Okay, maybe this isn't an exact guide of how to sell 100 cars, but I talked with someone today who has achieved a huge milestone - he sold 100 cars in the past year (or $2,000,000 worth of product.) 

Here's what he told me about how he did it.

1. Scratch Their Itch.

Tap into the needs and wants of your customer. Ask open-ended questions to determine their desires. Once you find where their itch is, you're able to scratch it. Talk up the benefits of the product you're selling in order to make your customer feel like their needs are valued and the product you're selling to them is valuable to them.

For example, if your customer is focused on purchasing the car that's the safest car, tell them about the astonishing safety features. Don't focus on the 0 to 60. Keep it relevant. 

2. Weed Out the BS

Sometimes people will lie to you. For instance, they'll say that they have a price quote on a car, but they actually don't. Don't be afraid to ask them to show you the price quote. If they provide the quote, then it's fair game. If they don't, then you have a little more room for negotiation.

3. Plant Seeds

Planting seeds during your sales process is a powerful way of leveraging your sales and bringing that dough home.

One example is selling add-ons. When you're selling cars you can sell interior and/or exterior warranties along with the vehicle. (rip on fabric, replace through insurance)

One effective way to do this is to ask open-ended questions. When you're in the process of selling a car ask if they have a dog or kids. If so, follow up with "How's your car's interior?" They'll probably reply with, "Oh, yknow, it has a few stains." And bam. There ya go. You just subliminally correlated the stains in their car to their kids and/or dog.

So now when you're further along the sales process, you have a good chance of easily selling them an interior warrenty. You're showing them a new car, you show new leather, you tell them that it's expensive to reupholster, so be careful with the kids (or dog!)

When they agree to buying the car, revisit the seed you planted about their car being dirty because of their kids. It's as simple as that. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Lydia Weibel