What Does Productive Workplace Communication Look Like?

I've worked in both workplaces with effective and ineffective communication. Good leaders are good communicators. What does productive communication look like?

I've seen firsthand what it looks like- and what it doesn't look like.

Ineffective communication is embodied by vague asks, ambiguous instructions, unnecessary fillers/details, contradictory or inaccurate statements, shifting deadlines, and the worst of all... late or no responses, all of which usually come from a lack of attention to detail or a lack of care.

This type of communication just creates a whole runway of questions and issues.

Productive communication is comprised of providing clear instructions, giving punctual responses to inquiries, creating realistic deadlines, and following up.

Good communication is full of attention to detail and it is on-time. It sets you up for success. it gives you a clear path of direction so that you are equipped to traverse its road.

Lydia Weibel