I love how disruptive startups can be.

I came across an app called Nurx, run by a startup company based in San Francisco (also with a location in New York.)

Their mission is to simplify the way that women go about getting birth control. To quote CNN Tech's article, "The San Francisco startup wants to do for the pill what Instacart did for groceries and Uber did for cabs."

Nurx has successfully cut the fluff around obtaining birth control and other related medication. You no longer need to drive to the doctors, deal with excessive charges, and you don't need any physical exams. All you need to do is use their app, fill out an online questionnaire, and provide Nurx with a valid ID. They connect you with a real doctor who gives you a prescription and it's shipped to you for free. Nevermind the fact that you can still affordably access this if you aren't covered by insurance. 

I can easily see Nurx disrupting the industry as we know it: no need to schedule an appointment with a doctor, get a consultation, written prescription, exams, and deal with the drive. All you need is an app.

Nurx is the first of it's kind, at least that I've seen. It's always so cool seeing new startups that are revolutionizing our daily lives.

I'm so intruiged by the brand that I'll be doing a marketing walk-through video about the brand, stay tuned!

Lydia Weibel