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A few months ago I was walking to my car after I got off of work. I was on the phone with my best friend, Roya, when - 

"Oh man, I just found a wallet."

It was a stroke of luck that I even looked down at the ground.

The wallet was face-open with its credit cards sprawled out on the ground. I sifted through the cards to find some contact information. I found a name, Jamie, and a college ID, but not much else. While I was still on the line with Roya, she looked up his name up on Facebook and sent me a screenshot of someone who she suspected was the owner of the wallet. The profile photo was similar to the ID cards, the college listed matched the college ID, and his listed workplace was a store in the mall I work at, so she sent him a message.

The next morning there was no word from him, so I called his (assumed) workplace. I explained to the person on the other line that I found a wallet that I assumed to belong to one of their employees. I asked him if Jamie worked there and if so, if they could tell him that I found his wallet.

"Oh my gosh yes," the guy on the other end of the line exclaimed. He took my name, my phone number, and called Jamie to get him in contact with me.

I got a text not too long afterward from Jamie. I sent him a photo of the wallet, he confirmed it was his, and I told him that I could meet him at Panera later that day so he could pick up his wallet.

Roya joined me on my quest to return the wallet. We parked, walked inside, and found him. He thanked us profusely for everything.

"Do you guys want some food? Let me buy you something, whatever you want. It'll cost me a lot less than what it could have cost me if someone else had found my wallet."

Usually, I try to sum up my posts with an impacting point, but this memory just serves as a nice memory. Or maybe the impact is simply that being nice never hurt anybody.

Lydia Weibel