How 3 Brands Market to Their Audiences

In this post, I cover how three of my favorite brands market their services and products to their audiences! (shoutout to Loom. they're awesome) Scroll down to see how they do it!

Kat Von D Beauty


Kat Von D Beauty's website is strong, compelling, and effective. Here's how they do it. 

Email Ask Popup:

  • These are shown to be more effective at gathering email signups than other forms, such as sideboxes
    • one study showed that popups gained 1,375% more signups than sidebar asks - the sidebar ask gained 0.4% whereas the popup ask gained 5.5%

Within the first 5 seconds I know what the website is about. They utilize powerful storytelling techniques through visual graphics.

The website is:

  • clean
  • organized
  • visually appealing
  • consistent

KVD beauty presents powerful visual branding that makes the brand iconic through:

  • studs
  • gothic lettering
  • black with pops of color


Posts 1 time a day, minimum.

Their content focuses on:

  • Product launches
  • Product restocks
  • Behind the scenes
  • Tutorials


Posts 1 time a day, minimum.

KVD Beauty's Instagram grid contains mainly the same content as Facebook, but Instagram's layout allows for more of a creative space. Kat Von D beauty takes advantage of this by leveraging their visual branding through creating flowing visuals and colorful aesthetics.


Posts a couple times a week with the same content as Facebook and Instagram.


Kat Von D Beauty's YouTube serves as a supportive platform for their other social media pages. The content focuses on:

  • Tutorials
  • Product launch videos
  • Teaser videos

All of the videos help to showcase products, provide ideas for using the products, and allows you to get a more personal feel for the creators behind the brand. Kat Von D Beauty knows how to sell a story.



Within the first 5 seconds the business' mission is clear! This is a perfect example of building an effective narrative.

Much like Kat Von D Beauty, Nurx establishes visual branding through the usage of color schemes and fonts.


Nurx presents their brand with colorful visual branding.

Their content consists of:

  • informative/educational multimedia posts surrounding the topic of reproductive health
  • promo code offers (this incentivizes more signups!)
  • problem and solution posts (do you have x problem? Our business fixes x problem!)


Nurx runs sponsored ads, which is actually how I, and one of my friends, discovered this company.

Nurx also consistently posts at least once a day which maintains their follower count and steadily attracts new followers.


  • Testimonials (excellent for building a brand's reputation.)
  • Advice/educational posts (again, serves as a "Experiencing x problem? We fix that.")
  • Promos (which incentivizes sign ups!)


Consistently posts several times a week.

They have a pinned tweet, which is a promo offer. Pinned tweets have been proven to gain 5-10 times more engagement than regular tweets!


  • Informational/educational tweets (Nurx will solve XYZ problems!
  • Tweets that link to other platforms (builds follower/subscriber count across all platforms.)
  • Testimonial retweets (reputation signaling!)

Cowbell Kitchen


Cowbell Kitchen presents clean, colorful, exciting and engaging content! Within the first five seconds it's obvious that they're a bakery that serves their local area.

They establish visual branding through their logo, their color schemes, and of course the cows!

They offer online ordering, which is incredibly convenient for making money in the 21st century.

Opportunities: add click-through links for social media icons.


Posts a few times a week to maintain their consumer's attention and engagement.

Their content focuses on:

  • Testimonials/reviews (All 5 stars! Wonderful for establishing reputation.)
  • References to their website for convenient order placements. This makes it super easy for customers to place orders, which means easy money for them!
  • Photos of daily activities, menus, and business hours which keeps followers engaged, updated, and excited.
  • Friendly invitation to stop by and visit!


My family and I actually found this eatery through their Instagram presence, so I think they do a wonderful job marketing their business!

They posts at least once a day, this leaves their audience feeling welcomed into their world, updated with the business happenings, and salivating over the daily eats. They post the same content that they do on Facebook.

Overall they have a very friendly, colorful, unique vibe that attracts traffic through their doors!


Lydia Weibel